Bootlegger New York Craft Barrel Reserve Gin
Barrel Aged Gin KO


call it

barrel reserve because the feds won't let us say

pure gold

This Barrel Rested Gin is our way of giving a second life to our once used bourbon barrels. The used barrels are filled with our award-winning Bootlegger New York Craft  Gin to create this beautiful hybrid spirit. The gin slowly absorbs the remnant bourbon flavors locked in the oak, while the charcoal mellows and softens the mouthfeel. Once the barrels are ready for harvest, they’re emptied and minimally filtered to remove the charcoal particles, blended with the purest Catskill Mountain water and bottled at 92 proof (46%ABV).

The bright aromatic nose of this gin has been warmed, offering a potpourri of juniper and candied oranges. Caramelized sugar and vanilla from the bourbon round out the mouthfeel, while the coriander has evolved into cloves and cinnamon. The whiskey mouthfeel shifts back dry in the end with the slightly bitter finish of the orris root making this gin one of the most hardy and distinct barrel reserve gins in the world.

Our Barrel Reserve Gin is created from the combination of these same five botanicals, but then goes through a whole new level of flavor maturity, making this a grownup gin.

Bootlegger New York Craft Gin

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Posted in on April, 2021

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