Inaugural Do Good Charity Golf Outing

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 | Tennanah Lake Golf & Tennis Club

CALLING ALL GOLFERS! We’re having a PAR-TEE and you are invited! Join us for the Inaugural Do Good Charity Golf Outing for an unforgettable day filled with good people, good spirits, good times, and of course — good golf! You won’t want to miss the debut of this annual tradition, so rally your foursome and book your spot before we sell out! 2021 golfers will be grandfathered in to receive early access to future golf outings.

*Net proceeds will benefit the Third Option Foundation.

live music all summer long

Memorial Day Weekend

5/29 Saturday- Albi Beluli (2pm-5pm)

5/30 Sunday- Jeremy Langdale (1pm-4pm)

6/5 Saturday- Todd Baker (2pm-5pm)

6/6 Sunday- Jeremy Langdale (1pm-4pm)

6/12 Saturday- Charles Ellsworth (2pm-5pm)

6/13 Sunday- Dan Brother (1pm-4pm)

Father’s Day Weekend

6/19 Saturday- Albi Beluli (2pm-5pm)

6/20 Sunday- John Steffens (1pm-4pm)

6/26 Saturday- Mike Brown (2pm-5pm)

6/27 Sunday- Gabe Rikard (1pm-4pm)

Fourth of July Weekend

7/2 Friday- Sam Haiman (3pm-6pm)

7/3 Saturday- Albi Beluli (2pm-5pm)

7/4 Sunday- Emily Angell (1pm-4pm)

7/10 Saturday- Todd Baker (2pm-5pm)

7/11 Sunday- Gabe Rickard (1pm-4pm)

7/17 Saturday- Dan Brother (2pm-5pm)

7/18 Sunday- Jeremy Langdale (1pm-4pm)

7/24 Saturday- Mike Brown (2pm-5pm)

7/25 Sunday-Charles Ellsworth (1pm-4pm)

7/31 Saturday- BJ & Greg (3pm-6pm)


Good People. Good Spirits. Good Times.